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Stocks to Trade is software that combines a day trading scanner, charting, training, news, and level 2 all in one. It also has built-in watch lists that can be kept open at all times. Charts come loaded with key momentum indicators.

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It was designed by Timothy Sykes, who is a penny stock guru and is known for his ability to turn a few dollars into millions. He lauds this software as the best in its class. Checkout Stocks To Trade Reviews for more details.


Stocks to Trade is a market-leading stock screener with some exciting features. Its upfront cost is a little steep, however, and it does not include artificial intelligence algorithms or paper trading functionality. Trade Ideas, on the other hand, has a long history in the market and offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including scanning, charting, news reports, and a free trading room.

The Oracle scanner is a proprietary algorithm that searches the market for stocks poised to take off. The system uses data from thousands of past breakout stocks to identify current ones that show similar signs of growth. The tool then alerts traders to the stocks that are most likely to make a big move, allowing them to make informed buying and selling decisions.

The charts on the platform are smooth and easy to use, with key indicators and trading tools available to help users analyze and identify opportunities. The platform also allows users to create custom watch lists and save chart layouts as defaults for future use.


It can be a bit pricey for day traders to get all of the tools they need. However, it is worth the initial investment when it comes to tracking market gains and finding breakout stocks in real time. The company offers a 14-day trial for only $7, which is an excellent way for new traders to test the scanner, news, and charting tools before they make a commitment to the subscription. They also offer a free trading room that features the SteadyTrade Team every day to help traders build confidence in their trades. They do not, however, have paper trading functionality like Trade Ideas does.

Broker Integrations

When it comes to day trading, juggling multiple tasks at once can feel like a balancing act. Trying to find the next breakout stock, keep up with news alerts, and track gains can seem overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there are platforms out there that make the process easier. However, many of these programs are not a good fit for every trader’s needs.

Stocks to Trade is one such program that offers a number of useful features, including built-in broker integration, paper trading, and level 2 analysis. It also provides a comprehensive training suite and live market news from Refinitiv. With these tools, new traders can test out their strategies in an environment that is free of emotional decision-making.

The platform offers a 14-day trial, which is more than enough time to give a trader a feel for the charting and scanning tools before they commit to a subscription. This is significantly longer than the seven-day trial that most other software providers offer.

The built-in stock scanner is a powerful tool that runs 24/7 and searches for stocks that are poised for explosive growth. It uses an algorithm called ORACLE to locate similar stocks that have risen quickly in the past. Traders can then access the historical data on those stocks to help them make their decision.

The platform allows traders to create their own custom screens or use pre-built scans created by Timothy Sykes. The program also provides a range of technical indicators and basic charting functionality. Traders can adjust charting time frames from minute-by-minute trading to monthly charts, and the charts are jam-packed with momentum indicators such as pivot points and moving averages.


Stocks to Trade is a unique platform that offers a lot of tools in one package. It combines scanning, training, charting, watch lists, chat rooms, and Level 2 data all into one. This is a valuable asset for anyone who is looking for a tool to improve their trading abilities. Its proprietary Oracle scanner runs 24/7 to search for stocks that are poised to take off. It sifts through thousands of stocks to find ones that show signs of explosive growth. The software also provides users with technical data that will help them make a good decision on whether to buy or sell a stock.

Another great feature of stocks to trade is the ability to filter news and social media for specific keywords and stocks. Its news scanners pull in updates from the Wall Street Journal, MSN Money, Twitter, Yahoo, Finvix, and Seeking Alpha. Traders can choose to display the news in a separate window or on a chart. They can also manually mark up charts to monitor emerging trends. The charts themselves are also jam-packed with momentum indicators and offer the option to adjust charting time frames.

The only drawback to the charts is that it can be difficult to format them into a usable view. It can be a pain to adjust the x and y axes of the chart, and there are no shortcuts to creating custom indicators. It can also be cumbersome to switch between different types of charts.

One of the best features of stocks to trade is that they can be used with a variety of brokers. The website states that it has integrations for TD Ameritrade, ETRADE, and Interactive Brokers and that it plans to add more in the future. It also allows you to set up alerts for a particular watch list and save chart layouts and page layouts for easy use.

The only other comparable service is EquityFeed, which has more pre-built scanning and charting features but is slightly more expensive. It is worth considering if you want a complete solution that includes scanning, news scanners, integrated trading, and Level 2. The next likely alternative is Trade Ideas, which has great pre-built scans but does not include Level 2 data or charting.